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So, you still haven’t installed a septic system on your property? 

Sure, your plumbing lines may be hooked to the sewer system of the city, but have you ever wondered what would happen if it starts malfunctioning? A malfunctioning sewer system won’t dispose of the wastewater properly– as a result, your loved ones (or customers) will suffer. 

That’s because untreated wastewater contains heavy metals and harmful chemicals that are detrimental to human health and the environment. When untreated wastewater enters other water sources, it may lead to diarrhoeal diseases like rotavirus, typhoid fever, and cholera. 

Of course, that sounds like a nightmare to every home and business owner– right? Therefore, installing a septic tank on your establishment is the best decision you can take to keep your clients and family safe from such issues. 

That said, we’ve discussed three reasons why installing septic systems is a worthy investment. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the deets! 

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3 Reasons Why You Must Install A Septic System On Your Property

1. Septic Systems Are Beneficial For The Environment

When sewage lines break or crack, wastewater leaks and pollutes the groundwater, which leads to environmental pollution in the entire community or even the city. 

Septic tanks filter wastewater by using a natural filtering process before they enter the drain field or leach field. Once the water exits the septic tank, the soil removes bacteria to make the water safe for reuse. 

Septic tanks naturally replenish the local water levels, benefitting the wildlife species and vegetation in the area. Hence, you’ll have happy and healthy plants without paying money to professionals for taking care of your lawn! 

2. Septic Tanks Allow Efficient Wastewater Management

Your septic system will be connected to only your household, as against sewer systems that are linked to plumbing lines of different households. 

When a system has to dispose of wastewater from only one property, it manages it efficiently. So, even if the sewage system breaks down, you can rest assured that your home wouldn’t be affected. 

Also, homeowners who have septic systems installed on their property cultivate good habits to reduce the strain on their tanks. Like, plastic, paper towels, disposable diapers, and cigarette butts are a few things that you must avoid flushing down the toilet drain. Or they’ll poison your septic tank and contaminate the water supply. 

3. A Septic Tank Is Relatively Low Maintenance

Aerobic, fibreglass, steel, or concrete– whichever material you opt for, you can rest assured that septic tanks are low maintenance. As a homeowner, you’ll need to pump the tank every three to five years, which depends largely on your water usage. 

Besides, you’ll have to get it inspected every two years to make sure it’s functioning properly. In rare cases, you may have to undertake the painstaking task of unclogging the tank. 

Final Words

Installing a septic system is an economical and practical option for every home and business owner. Not just that, but it is also beneficial for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint. 

Make sure you choose the right size septic system for your home so that you won’t have to pump it frequently. And if you’re installing a septic system for the first time, make sure you reach out to a reliable septic system installation company today!