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When you have a tooth problem, the dentist is the first person that comes to your mind. Don’t you agree? 

At times, they might seem scary since they use several pieces of equipment to operate on your mouth; however, there is nothing to worry about. Most dentists are highly trained and qualified; therefore, the whole process is smooth and painless.

As such, you shouldn’t be scared when you visit a dental clinic in Peterborough. On that note, we have compiled this guide to help you overcome your fear. 

Five Reasons Why Trips To The Dentist Shouldn’t be Scary

1. They Are Simply Trying To Help You 

A dentist usually works with all types of patients; hence, they develop the understanding to know when someone is uncomfortable or in pain. They can also tell if a certain dental tool or equipment makes the patient anxious during an operation. 

An experienced dentist will try their best to calm the patient by starting a conversation with them. This helps them to understand why you are feeling anxious so that they can help you to feel comfortable. Being frank and friendly with the dentist can make the whole process painless and smooth. 

2. Your Fear Is A Myth 

Believe it or not, the fear you have of a dentist usually is a myth that haunts your mind. Most of these myths are created by parents since they want to ensure that their children brush their teeth regularly. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let those myths get a better hold of you. Try visiting a dentist nearby for a regular check-up to overcome your fear bit by bit.

3. Appointments Are Usually Short 

Most people assume that a dentist appointment lasts for hours; however, that is not the case. Dentist appointments usually take an hour, and some dentists can complete the appointment earlier than expected. 

In addition, an experienced dentist will try their level best to establish a strong relationship with the patient so that they feel comfortable.

4. They Make Sure Not To Hurt You  

A dentist will first spend a considerable amount of time understanding the problem before they examine the area that needs to be operated on. Once they have an idea of the whole situation, they will customize a treatment that will be painless and simple. In fact, most dentists try to treat the problem by prescribing medicines that can get rid of it. 

However, if they have to use tools, they will make sure to apply the right amount of pressure based on the sensitivity of your teeth. Additionally, modern tools are so efficient that you might not feel anything while operating. 

5. Use Of Anaesthesia 

A highly-skilled dentist uses anesthesia to calm the patient so that they can operate on them quickly and put their fear to rest. In fact, anesthesia makes you drowsy during the operation, making you feel at ease while being operated on. 


It is never too late to overcome your fear of a dentist since they are the go-to people when it comes to dental problems. If you have any further doubts, you can visit a local dentist to clarify them before getting an appointment. 

That said, see you next time!