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Fresh flowers can instantly liven up a place. They bring a sense of brightness and joy into the room. The colors and sweet fragrances evoke a sweet feeling in people in the surrounding. But the sweet feeling can start to fade once the flower deteriorates. Properly caring for the flowers can make them last, prolonging the sweet feeling it brings. This post suggests tips for caring for fresh flowers to make them last.

Fresh Flowers

Use the right vase

A good container for fresh flowers is clean. There should be no remnant of detergent or soap in it. Ensure there is no residue of dead flowers in them. You can find suitable containers in a good online flower shop. A glass bowl also works great. The vase should offer enough room for the flowers to spread out comfortably. If the flowers are light, a tall vase is ideal. 

Remove most of the stems

Trim the stems a few inches before placing the flowers in the vase. You can use garden shears or a pair of scissors. Cut out one to two inches of the stems from the bottom. Air bubbles can block water flow in some flower stems. Placing the flower stem under water before cutting it off is better to prevent such a problem.

Prune the leaves

Make sure there are no leaves in the water. If the flowers have leaves that will get into the water while in the vase, prune these out. Otherwise, they will rot inside the water, creating harmful bacteria that could kill the flowers quickly. So ensure there are no leaves on the flower below the waterline. 

Keep the water at a good temperature 

Room temperature is ideal for most flowers. Fresh flowers do well when they are kept cool. Ensure they are not directly under sunlight or near heat. Place them where there’s no draft. Do not place them near the computer or TV. These appliances generate heat and will quickly cause the flowers to wilt.

Change or top-up the water 

The flowers will absorb some water while in the vase. Continue adding water to ensure the container stays three-quarters full. If the water looks dirty or has a funny color, change it. Ideally, you should change the water every 48 hours. Harmful bacteria can form in dirty water, shortening the flowers’ lifespan. 

Feed the flowers

Fresh flowers need nurturing. You can find flower foods in online florist shops or local supermarkets. They come in liquid and powder forms. And they contain nutrients that keep the flowers fresh and healthy for longer. They also fight harmful bacteria. Ensure you read the instructions on them before feeding the flowers.

Additionally, remember the mist of the flowers. Use a nice, clean spray bottle to mist them lightly every day. The flowers will remain hydrated and fresh-looking. Caring for flowers is that easy. These basic tips will preserve the freshness of the flowers and keep you enjoying their bloom for longer periods.