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If you want to get stronger and toned, try one of the upper body strength workouts. These workouts target many of your major muscle groups in a single exercise. To do pull-ups, stand under a bar with your arms extended in front of you, elbows behind you. Slowly lower yourself back down while holding on to the bar. Make sure you don’t let go of the grip. Doing pull-ups is not for the weak!

Structured upper body workouts

One of the most effective ways to build up the muscles in your upper body is by performing structured upper body strength workouts. This routine alternates push and pull exercises to target the biceps and triceps. By alternating between push and pull exercises, you will build up the strength of your entire body. The best upper body workouts address each muscle group in turn, focusing on the major muscles.

An upper body strength workout can target the muscles in your pectorals, lats, and traps. These exercises should target the muscles in every plane of motion, so you can maintain a balanced movement throughout the workout. This is also a great way to prevent injury. And, while many of these workouts focus on the biceps and triceps, you can still do a workout focusing on all of the other muscles in your body.


Pushups are a tried-and-true exercise to develop upper body strength. As a core-bracing exercise, pushups work the shoulders, chest, and upper back, all major functional pushing motions. However, the right form is crucial to getting the most benefit from the workout. If you struggle with form, switch to an easier variation. Also, try doing pushups on your knees, which require more torso stability and strength.

Another benefit of pushups is that they boost your self-confidence. Women often lack upper body strength, so pushups can help them overcome this issue. Pushups can be used as punishment in a boot camp, where pushups are routinely performed as organized PT exercises. Women can use this skill to crush their work presentations and lift heavy boxes. You can also do pushups as a part of a strength training routine.


Pullups are one of the best exercises to strengthen your upper body, as they can be challenging for the shoulders. Because you must support yourself using your body weight, pullups are an excellent upper body strength workout. To achieve a good pullup form, you should be able to engage your core and maintain proper shoulder alignment. In order to make pullups more challenging, you can try weighted pullups or crisscross the legs with dumbbells.

One of the best parts of pullups is that they train your entire upper body. The latissimus dorsi is the main muscle targeted during pullups, and it works the muscles in your chest, upper back, and shoulders. This muscle is part of your abs, which are responsible for stabilizing your body. Strengthening your upper body is an essential part of your strength workout, as it helps you with everyday tasks and maintain good posture.

Traditional pushups

Pushups are the basis for other workouts that involve the entire upper body, including those that target the core and the pectoral muscles. This classic exercise targets several muscle groups and has six variations. Performing this exercise can be challenging or fun. You can perform pushups by lying flat on the floor or leaning against a bench. To get the most benefits, perform the exercise for at least 10 minutes per day.

Do not perform these exercises while slouching. It can put excessive stress on your lower back and joints. Make sure you engage your legs and core muscles in the pushup, and avoid flaring arms. Flaring arms create a “T” shape between the arms and torso, which puts a lot of stress on your shoulder joints. To prevent this, try tucking your elbows towards your torso, and rotate your palms outward.

Kneeling pushups

Kneeling pushups are a common strength-training exercise, but the technique is a bit different from traditional pushups. Kneeling pushups are a form of pushup that is performed with the hands on the ground. Once you’ve completed 10 perfect reps, you can increase the load on the muscles by adding additional external loads. These overloading pushups are generally done in sets of three to eight repetitions. Overloading them by using banded accommodating resistance is another way to achieve a higher rep range. You should reach near failure on the last rep.

A kneeling pushup can be counterproductive, but there are many advantages to using kneeling pushup variations. This method can help develop more strength by strengthening the muscles on the upper and lower body, as well as strengthen the back and foundational movement. However, you should be cautious when doing kneeling pushups. You might not be able to do them safely, and it’s possible to injure yourself. Kneeling pushups are not a good choice for anyone with back problems, or even someone who doesn’t have back problems.