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When searching for the best car rental companies in New York City, it is important to know what to look for. While you may be tempted to stick with the big names, it is important to keep your needs in mind. If you’re looking for a cheap car rental in NYC, try Alamo. These car rental companies are known for providing clean cars with excellent customer service. They even offer fuel pick up and delivery. In addition, Alamo is part of the Enterprise family, so their offices are shared with their competitors. They have branches in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as up to ten locations in NYC.


There are many reasons to choose Hertz as your next car rental company. You will find competitive rates, seamless pickups, and a wide variety of vehicles. Additionally, Hertz has over 1600 car rental locations across the US, so you can find a location near you, no matter where you’re headed. Plus, they have an impressive rewards program and skip-counter pickup options, making them a great choice for long-term rentals.

Hertz has two elite status levels based on the number of cars in their fleet. President’s Circle members receive exclusive benefits such as free upgrades and the ability to choose any vehicle in the President’s Circle section. Additionally, executives receive additional benefits like bonus points and access to the CLEAR loyalty program. In addition to these perks, you can get discounts on car rental through these programs. However, you should know that Hertz isn’t perfect.


If you’re looking for a good car rental company, Avis is definitely worth considering. Their vehicles range from economy to luxury, and they have locations in over 160 countries. Avis has many different options for every budget, from affordable sedans to luxury vehicles. In fact, if you’re planning on renting a vehicle for a long period of time, you’ll be able to save money on rental fees by choosing a sedan.

If you’re planning on driving across state lines, you’ll want to consider a car from Avis. It’s likely to have unlimited mileage and is an excellent choice for long trips. The cost of an Avis rental car depends on the location, season, and type of vehicle, but most come with one-day unlimited mileage, meaning you can drive as much as you want and not worry about hitting any additional charges.


If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll most likely need to hire a car. Budget and Avis are both sister car rental companies, but there are differences between them, too. The former focuses on budget customers while the latter caters to premium travelers. Avis has a reputation for reliability, and Budget is known for its affordable, quality vehicles. Unlike its premium rival, though, Budget doesn’t offer the same features and extras as its competitors.

The car rental company started in 1958 with ten cars and undercut the established airport-based car rental companies. It eventually grew to include franchised car rental and an international presence. In the late 1950s, Mirkin joined forces with Julius Lederer and expanded the company’s fleet. In 1960, the company moved its headquarters to Chicago and began expanding its fleet through franchises and wholly-owned rental outlets. These new locations continue to serve travelers around the world.


Thrifty car rental is a great company to rent a car from if you are traveling. It is owned by Hertz and has more than 1,300 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Thrifty’s US operation caters to budget-conscious travelers and is a great choice for road trips. Thrifty’s UK operation is independent of Hertz and has a greater focus on prestige brands, such as Ford and Chrysler bio-fuel vehicles.

Thrifty is also one of the best car rental companies for people who need a cheap car. You can rent a car from Thrifty using your credit card, driver’s license, or passport. They have affordable rental prices and a wide variety of car styles. You can choose from a compact car to a sport utility vehicle, depending on your needs. You can save even more money by using Thrifty’s last-minute deals.


If you are looking for a car rental company, consider Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This American company is headquartered in Clayton, Missouri. They are part of Enterprise Holdings, which also owns Alamo Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. Founded in 1963, Enterprise has grown to become the world’s largest car rental company. It is also the number one choice for many business travelers. Its service is unparalleled.

The company has a fleet of vehicles ranging from hatchbacks to sedans, MPVs, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and more. Those who subscribe to their service get access to a diverse range of vehicles, as well as maintenance and roadside assistance. Subscriptions allow subscribers to swap vehicles up to four times a month. They also provide world-class rental car services and competitive pricing. To get a free quote, fill out the form below or visit an Enterprise location today.