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Top septic tank services enable septic users and owners to easily maintain the systems. They offer a wide range of services from installation to maintenance and repairs. Here are six common features that septic tank services offer. 

septic tank service

  1. Septic tank inspection 

The septic tank requires a frequent inspection from professional septic tank service providers. They help look for leakages or check if the system works well. Call the maintenance services if you notice any bad odour coming from the septic tank.  

Other factors to look out for are slow drainage when you flush water. If the system has broken parts, you can check if the soil around the septic tank is wet. 

  1. Septic tank pumping 

The waste can accumulate in the septic tank with time, blocking the pipes. The blockage forces the water from the drainage pipes to move back into the house. One crucial maintenance service is pumping out the solid waste trapped in the septic tank. 

Depending on the use of the tank, it needs to get cleared out at least once or twice a year. Pumping out the stuck materials once a year restores the tank’s efficiency and prevents blockage. 

  1. Replacing broken pipes and leakages 

If the septic tank is not properly maintained or overloaded, the drainage pipes get strained and break. These pipes release contents to the environment that can cause air and water pollution. 

Septic tank services offer repairs or complete replacement if the pipes have uncontrollable leakages. They also check the internal systems for any leakages and fix them. 

  1. Replacing the Aerobic unit 

the aerobic unit introduces bacteria into the system, which breaks down the wastewater. If the Aerobic unit is not functioning well, the bacteria can die and slow the process. Septic tank service providers inspect and repair the unit and replace the bacteria. 

  1. Maintaining the baffle 

The baffle is a part of the septic system that prevents solid waste from leaving the tank. It ensures that the solid waste from the system does not get into the drain field. If the solid waste, oil and grease reach the field, it blocks the water. 

The water then moves up the soil to the top and leaves the soil wet and can even have stagnant water. To prevent it, the septic tank services clean the baffle once a year. It keeps the system functioning well and often prevents digging out a new drain field. 

  1. Digging a new drain field

A drain field cannot last long; it needs you to find and dig a new one after some few years. Water with oil, grease and other substances can clog the soil, causing it to lose its retention. Instead of the water seeping into the soil, it moves up and stagnates at the top. 

The owner has to identify a new drain field which gets tested for water retention. The septic services dig out the new drain field for the septic system. 


Septic repair services offer a wide range of essential maintenance services. This article explains the six most common features of septic service providers. These service features help the system last longer by preventing blockages and fixing broken parts.