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Often, pet owners forget that the winter season could be brutal for their pup’s paws. 

Like toddlers, dogs love playing in the snow, and your pup may even insist on going on a walk daily. But the winter wonderland outside your home isn’t quite a paradise for your pup because the fresh snow can damage its paws. 

The icy cold weather can peel the paw pads of your pup, causing pain and discomfort. That means your pup needs a little bit of tender loving care! 

No matter how much you’re tempted, using your toddler’s moisturizers or lotions is a big no-no! But don’t worry, for we have your back with this guide on pet caring in winter and how to keep their furry paws safe and comfy.

Jump into the deets to learn how to keep your dog’s paw pads healthy and safe from the biting cold! 

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Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Pup’s Paws Safe From The Winter Chill

1. Keep Your Pup’s Paws Moisturized

Now that winter is here, the first thing to stock up on is paw balm or paw wax, so you can slather your dog’s paw pads before taking it on a walk. Moisturizing your dog’s paw pads keeps harmful chemicals and ice away from its paws, so it won’t get hurt during walks. 

As you return home, make sure to wipe the paw balm from its paw pads to clean away chemicals, salt and ice. In the absence of paw balm or wax, petroleum jelly could come to your rescue, so you can use that to soothe its paw pads. 

2. Boot ‘Em Up!

This may sound a bit silly, but boots will keep your puppy’s paw pads safe from sharp debris buried in the snow. Besides, booties provide excellent traction, which means they are slip-resistant. So, your dog will be able to run and chase snowballs comfortably without injuring itself. 

One thing to note is that dogs aren’t big fans of booties, so be prepared to convince them. When shopping for booties, pick those that are waterproof and come with velcro straps or fabric fasteners. 

Also, make sure that they are neither too loose to interfere with your pup’s natural gait nor too tight. 

3. Trim Your Puppy’s Nails Regularly

Whether they wear booties outside or not, keeping their nails well-trimmed is essential. When dogs walk, their nails spread, and snow and ice accumulate between their toes. 

To clip their nails, you need not take a trip to a pet grooming salon every month. Instead, the most cost-effective way to trim your pup’s nails is to buy a pet nail clipper and use it as and when required. 

4. Wash Your Pup’s Paws After Every Walk

Rinsing your pup’s paws with warm water will not only wash off de-icing chemicals or salt but will also thaw off its icy-cold paws. Even if you don’t wash its paws, wipe them with a wet towel to remove harmful substances. 

Summing It Up

If your puppy likes playing in the snow, you may take them to the wonderland outside your home, but make sure you spare time to take care of their paw pads. 

Simply follow these paw protection measures every day, and your puppy’s paws and toes will remain healthy throughout winter. And if you need to take your pet on a trip, contact a pet transportation company and book a ride today!